Pat BonneyOpen Arms Pregnancy Center opened the first week of May of 2010 as a completely new pregnancy center in the Augusta, Maine area.  GAPS, or the Greater August Pastor’s Society, came together and agreed on a joint venture in starting a pregnancy center.  The officers of GAPS became the steering committee for the new organization and are now acting as the initial board.  They hired me, Pat Bonney, to be the director and accepted Dennis Keller’s gracious offer to donate space in his building for a location for the new center.

It wasn’t until June that we got our signs, so the first clients came because of word of mouth.  Now in addition to our signs, we have our phone (with a new number of 620-1600), voice mail, and Internet at the office.  Supporters showed up to donate funds designated for office supplies, pregnancy tests, diapers, and a new printer.  Computers were donated and refurbished to get us up and running.  We received two large donations of baby clothes, one from Dittos for Kiddos and one from Love Bugs Consignment Shop.  People who heard we were opening in the area brought in bags of baby clothes and maternity clothes.  By the time everything was sorted and hung up, we were pretty well stocked and able to offer emergency assistance.Pat Bonney

The first clients were girls that I already knew, but almost from the first we have had new clients coming in.  In the first 5 weeks of actual operation, we have had 13 new clients as well as 10 former clients come in to the center.  On June 10, we had 10 girls attend Mom’s Support Group and on June 17, we had 9 girls attend with 13 different girls between the 2 nights.  I see this an indication that this ministry is indeed filling a need in the community.

I am so blessed to be able to work with these precious girls and their little children.  I see it as an opportunity to steer these young lives toward the paths of life and righteousness and towards a life of accomplishment and self worth.  I invite you to consider whether you might have something to offer to these young moms, some talent, experience, or empathy that could make a lasting difference.  Call me and we can talk about what you can do.  I look forward to talking to you.

Pat Bonney