About Us

Our goal is to encourage capable women to make healthy choices

Open Arms Pregnancy Center in Augusta, Maine exists to offer encouragement and support to pregnant women and young families. Many women in our community are looking for unplanned pregnancy solutions. We at Open Arms are here to help them work through all their options and through any questions or concerns they might have. For those who decide to parent, we offer emotional support as well as material resources to assist them as they face new challenges as parents. We want to equip young women so they can make healthy choices that lead to a more promising future for themselves and for their families.

All of our services, resources, and information are provided free of charge.

Our Commitment

  • to provide a safe and welcoming environment
  • to ensure confidentiality of private information
  • to provide accurate information on pregnancy, child development, abortion, abortion alternatives, and abstinence
  • to encourage personal growth through a mentoring relationship
  • to encourage supportive friendships between clients in our support group
  • to offer help to women suffering after an abortion
  • to explore any topic of concern to the clients
  • to be an advocate for the clients
  • to encourage clients to make their own decisions and to be responsible for their own consequences.