Get Involved

Facebook, MySpace and other social media

We have our own Facebook. If you’re looking for us and wanting to participate with others here in Maine and, literally, halfway around the world, add us as a friend by clicking here!

The same goes with MySpace. We’ll get the link up soon.

Once we’re really up and running with our social media, it will be a way for us to build and enjoy community. We all need a sense of belonging, and you can help! Talk it up in your circles of influence, and let’s get some momentum going! Be sure to look at the other ways you can get involved using the dropdown menu as well.

Before we close this thought, we’d like some input from you. We’re thinking about Twitter as well, like for updates about the next mom’s support group or other stuff that’s up to the minute, but would like some feedback from you before we go that direction. If you have a minute or two, give us some feedback by answering the following couple of questions. Thanks!

Current use of social media

Which, if any, of the following social networking services are you registered to use? (Mark all that apply)

Frequency of use of social media

On an average week, about how much time do you spend checking out your favorite websites and social media sites? (pick the one that best applies)

Would you tweet...?

If Open Arms were to open a twitter account, we want to know how many of you would be at all interested in keeping up with daily or weekly events through our tweets.

(Check all that apply or add your own answer.)

Optional: A couple of facts about you

Just so we know that your answers relate to the women we most want to serve (and/or our supporters), please tell us a bit about yourself. Check as many as you feel are appropriate to describe your situation, or add a personal description in your own words.

(Even if you’re outside the list of our clients, you may profit from relating to us through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, e-mail, etc. So go ahead and share what you’re comfortable with our knowing. These answers are not public and will be held in confidentiality by the staff.)

Optional last question: If we do set up twitter (plus  Facebook/MySpace/YouTube), how would you like to hear from us?

Just between you and us, if you’d like to be the first to know if and when we set up a twitter, or to hear in other ways from us, fill in your contact info so we can find you. Check any that apply so we know what you’re interested in. Thanks for participating! We value your ideas!

PS Don’t forget to submit your survey responses so that your ideas can be valued and appreciated.

Facebook and MySpace are already operational, but we’re still learning the ropes. Our YouTube channel is up and running. This is a huge learning curve for us, but you are worth the investment!

On our Facebook page, once you’re a friend (or is it a fan, with all the recent changes?), leave a comment or suggestion about what you’d like to see.

That’s it! Thanks for the input! Once we start getting some responses, we’ll give the general drift of all of you who take part in the survey in an upcoming blog post.